Blogging In Health And Fitness Niche – 5 Tips To Climb Up Google Rankings

Blogging in health and fitness niche in 2016 is a challenging task if you expect instant recognition. The reason is clear – health and fitness is a broad, crowded niche. Nevertheless, people still try making their name in it because they think a large number of followers and customers means that audience is just waiting to be found and converted. In most cases, though, that’s not the case. Getting yourself noticed amidst the buzz is almost impossible, which is why many new faces leave the race for audience empty-handed. Still, there are a few things to have in mind when planning your content strategy for this niche. A few of these tips, combined with your good content, can help get you noticed.

blogging in health and fitness niche

1)    Narrow down your niche


We’ve already established that health and fitness niche is enormous. In such a crowded niche, what will benefit you most is to be specific. If we are talking about organic search, there is no use trying to rank for “diet”, “fitness”, “weight loss” or similar ultra-competitive keywords. Break it down instead and become specialized for certain issues within the niche. The more specific, the better: “weight loss for women” probably won’t do it, neither will “weight loss for women over 40” – but “weight loss exercise plan for women over 40” might. Also, in addition to this, you can further narrow your niche by combining it with another narrow search. An example of this would be “baby weight loss for women over 40”. Your goal is to be as specific as possible, remember that.

2)     Invent and name something


Did you know that two of the most popular diet searches in 2016, gluten-free and paleo diet, were virtually non-existent on Google only several years ago? In the last five years these niches flourished and most successful websites in it made tons of money. Of course, these diets are based upon years of research and studies, but if you happen to be an expert on a topic, use it. Develop a helpful method or process for improving one’s fitness, for example – and give it a name. By doing that you will always rank #1 on Google search for the keyword you invented. You may say, yes, but who will search for an invented word in Google? Well, nobody, at first. The next task is to create buzz about it (shouldn’t be too hard if the method works), and you’re off!

3)    Make a brand through online presence


Many people will try to make a brand from scratch. Here is our lovely logo, this is our motto and this is our product, the best on the market. However, there’s more to it than that. What if your potential customers don’t connect with your brand? This will happen, if you have nothing original to offer. So, instead of making a brand the way everyone does, try building your online presence.

When your keyword starts climbing the search results, build your blog around it. Become an authority on your chosen topic and make a brand out of your name. Any other road, I’m afraid, might not attain you the desired success. Even the paleo diet would not become so popular (no matter its benefits) if the mind behind it wasn’t an expert in the field.

4)    Give a new view on a popular topic


After you built your brand and started dominating your narrow niche, you should start thinking about broadening your influence to similar niches. You will do that by giving a new view on popular topics. The funny thing is that most people who failed to make their name did this from the start. But, there is a huge difference when some no-name author tries to influence the public about some popular topic and when an authority does that.

As an authority, doing this will broaden your influence and enable you to present your work to a different audience. Of course, when you stumble upon a new audience, especially if you criticize something they like, that can backfire. Don’t worry even if that happens, though, since famous and successful people receive (un)deserved hate on a daily basis. What’s important that your brand grows, so just stick to your plan.

5)    Be patient


I had to mention the mother of all advice for internet marketers – be patient. When you try to start your business online, be aware that you are competing against thousands of people on a daily basis. If it seems they are better, smarter, faster than you, don’t give up. Always strive to improve your knowledge, stick to your content strategy and eventually you may catch up. Even the most brilliant of inventions needs time to flourish. If you are expecting instant results, and you are not Coca-Cola, maybe internet marketing isn’t for you.


Janko Glavonjić

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