The Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide – Article Writers Edition

You can find plenty of awesome guides on affiliate marketing throughout the web. However, there aren’t many from article writer’s point of view. They are all written in similar, generic fashion. In this guide, I will try to present the simple rules of affiliate marketing for article writers, especially if they want to start their own business after years of writing for clients, and make this the affiliate marketing ultimate guide for article writers.

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What is affiliate marketing, anyway?

Affiliate marketing is the relationship between three parties – business owner, advertiser, and consumer. Instead of spending an enormous amount of money to kick-start his marketing campaigns, the business owner opts for affiliate marketing – the commission based business with the advertiser who has the external website in most of the cases. The dealer promotes the products of the business owner on his external website, and he gets a percentage from every sale he makes.

We see that this arrangement is mutually beneficial. The business owner doesn’t pay his marketing team, which can lead to debt if they aren’t successful. He pays a commission to people who promote his product on their external websites, and he doesn’t risk anything – if they are not successful, he won’t pay them. On the other hand, the advertisers are mostly bloggers with a huge number of subscribers, and they just have to promote the product and redirect them to the owner’s website. Everything else, from processing the orders to sending the product to customers, is business owner’s task.

If you are completely new to the concept, I recommend Neil Patel’s affiliate marketing step-by-step guide.

How to make a successful affiliate website

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing until now, this might sound as an easy-peasy task for you. We can make a blog about something we are passionate about, design it properly, do a little SEO, and we are ready to go, right? WRONG!

It is very hard to rank well for competitive keywords nowadays. It seems that every niche is crowded, but at the same time, even the websites that top the rankings and have hundreds of thousands of views daily, usually fail to deliver top notch content. In the last couple of years, having high-quality content became an absolute necessity.

And that’s where article writers and copywriters kick in.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing for you own affiliate website, or you are hired to do that for clients, you can be successful even if your site is almost invisible for Google. And I will show you how.

Writing affiliate marketing articles the right way

Internet marketing changed over the years, and in 2017 there are still many people who lead their campaigns like a guerilla war! Call-to-action button in the face, aggressive email marketing, short sales pages which describe every single product as the best in the world. There aren’t many honest reviewers, and the websites that top Google rankings mostly try to make the visitors go to the business owner’s website and buy the product.

I won’t say that this is an entirely wrong concept, but it’s not good for new businesses. If you ask me why, the answer is simple – you can’t beat the big fish in the game they have been playing for a decade or even more. You must have a different approach.

In January, I wanted to test something, and I wrote an honest review about Grammarly. The article was an instant success. Even though this website is almost invisible on Google search, the ones who found it, registered through my referral code and at the moment I have a free Premium license until the end of August.

Affiliate Marketing Grammarly

Golden rules for writing affiliate marketing articles

There are several golden rules for writing affiliate marketing articles which you should follow at any time. It doesn’t matter if you write for the client or your website, this advice is universal, and they will raise the quality of the site.

First of all, be sincere! This should be a no-brainer, but when you look at the random product review website nowadays, you will likely see that every product they offer is perfect, the best in the business, the best investment you can make, etc. Even those who don’t consider the given site fraudulent will have a tough time to decide which product to buy, because they are all perfect, according to the seller. So, this kind of affiliate site fails to fulfill their biggest goal – to sell the product!

One more thing is crucial here – don’t hide your intentions from your visitors! When it is suitable, tell them what you get from selling them the product. Especially when it comes to referrals, people often feel that a marketer thinks they are fools.

Explain everything. Treat them with respect. It works.

Also, your success will be tidally-locked to your ability to make the content different from the content of your competitor. I know it isn’t easy to make an interesting and unique review of, let’s say, a vacuum cleaner. It is a vacuum cleaner after all, how to make the article interesting?

One of the ways is to use your pictures after trying the product yourself. That should give you enough information to make the article unique.

However, if you haven’t tried it yourself, don’t say that you did. The readers will see that you are lying, and you will lose authority.

And last, but not least – don’t promote the product only for the sake of the provision. Promote the product that’s right for you, and you know it will be useful for other customers.

With Grammarly, I didn’t get money, but I got a free premium account, which is very helpful for a writer like me. And I know that it will be useful for other authors. That’s why the conversion went through the roof.

Please don’t write a review about a fancy watch just because it costs a fortune. In most of the cases, it won’t work for you.

Be different.

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